deep breath.

i am at a regional conference this week. 

and, because my job is not like most, regional conference looks much different than most. 

i work for Youth for Christ (YFC), which is global organization that believes two things (well, more than that… but for the sake of space, i will summarize):

1. every person matters.

2. God changes lives daily.

[for a better overview,]

so, for our regional conference, i get to stay in a little town called Cannon Beach, Oregon. people will share inspiring stories of how God does awesome stuff, we eat delicious food, and walk on the beach barefoot. we learn some important stuff about how to do our job better, then end the day with mass Pictionary and a bonfire. 

because i am a social worker, i have been checking my email periodically and making a few phone calls. 

from the beach. 


and i am simply stunned because of how beautiful God is. He makes the waves crash into the sand, the sunset is vibrant with colors that cannot be replicated, and the musical sound of laughter and joy surrounds me. 

there was a moment of freedom when, without checking myself, i realized i was running with abandon towards the waves. without slowing, i splashed into the cold water and a wave crashed against my legs. 


seriously, it was cold!

i took a few more steps and then stopped, almost waist deep in the waves, and felt myself gasping for breath, both from the exertion of running and from the frigid water. 

it took a few moments for my heart to stop racing, but i eventually stood with my feet buried in the sand, water surrounding me. 

and i took a deep breath. 

life is crazy. without realizing it, i can wake up one day and look at the calendar, stunned… and wondering when it became October. 

so fast. so busy. so much to remember. 

deep breath. 

after a few moments, i recognized that my feet were a) completely numb, and b) buried in sand, so i forced myself to move. i ran back out of the water and continued my trek down the beach. 

but what a difference a single breath can make. 

later, the sky looked like this:


and i got emotional.

what a difference a deep breath can make. 

thank you, Jesus.






stronger (hillsong united)


there is love that came for us

humbled to a sinner’s cross

He broke my shame and sinfulness

rose again victorious.


faithfulness none can deny

through the storm and through the fire

there is truth that sets me free

Jesus Christ who lives in me. 


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