day after valentines.

i love making playlists.

part of the charm harkens back to the bygone era of the mixed tape, which i’ve apparently never gotten over.

the spring that i got my braces off, a red-haired boy i was massively crushing on made me a mixed cd. that was my first. since then, many a crush has created me an individualized playlist (typically burned to cd) that stole my heart.

now, as an adult, i create playlists often. one year, i decided to create a new playlist every month, using kitschy titles like “mayday, mayday” and “decembrr” to commemorate whatever tunes i was into at that point.

more often these days i create playlists for events. not necessarily typical holidays or life events, more random.

today, on february 15th, 2014, i have created a “day after valentines” playlist.

the other day i was sitting with a friend, and she turned to me and asked, “and what about you? what do you think about love?” i stared at her and fudged out some comments that i’m sure were less than inspiring.

truth is, people have been writing sonnets, plays, and songs for centuries attempting to describe love.

so below, on a rainy saturday the day after valentines, i am sharing some songs with you. hopefully there is something here to delight both the “spoken-for” and the “yet-unclaimed” alike. i’ve shared a few of my favorite lines from each song.


1. don’t slow down — copeland. “they say i don’t know how to love the right way. but you make me feel, you make me feel like i do.”

2. i wouldn’t mind — he is we. “every word you write or sing is so warm to me.”

3. restless dream — jack’s mannequin. “it’s funny how the words we never say can turn into the only thoughts we know.”

4. a little opera goes a long way — sky sailing. “i’ll reset your silhouette, and be your parasol. so hold onto this florescent view, and if you slip and fall, i will catch you.”

5. stationary stationary — anberlin. “now i know it was only you that i’ve been searching for, and missing all this time.”

6. crushcrushcrush — paramore. “i’d rather waste my life pretending than have to forget you for one whole minute.”

7. i get a kick out of you — frank sinatra. all of it.

8. big jumps — emiliana torrini. “life is yours alone. you hold your head up high, like you think i do.”

9. never feel alone — the dangerous summer. “a feeling’s just a feeling til you let it get the best of who you are.”

10. drove me wild — tegan & sara. “you carried romance in the palm of your hand.”

11. disappear — parachute. “it’s a fleeting urge to run. like a bird flying by on the summer breeze. like the sound of a train if you’re listening.”

12. old love — the rocket summer. “i wanna love like my grandfather loved his wife . . . my generation heard of old love and commitment, but did it stick?”

i hope that this year has given you new ideas about love. and if you are blissfully happy, or down-in-the-dumps, or anywhere in between, i hope that you have good music to listen to.

feelings are inspired by so many aspects of life. i think that love is the most real of them all.


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