lots of islands. and gelato.

 [side note: this blog post originally was meant for a few days ago. i’ve been without reliable wifi]


i’ve always been a little bit obsessed with islands.

sometimes, when i’m in need of some downtime, i will go on Google earth and look at pictures of islands. the Galapagos is one of my all-time favorites.

so, when i heard that i would be flying from Thessaloniki (northern Greece) to Athens (southern Greece) . . . i started praying my guts out for a window seat.

islands, galore.

you’ll never guess what God gave me.

yes, a window seat. i was ecstatic.


a window overlooking dozens of islands to my left, two handsome Greek businessmen to my right.

. . . it was a very good flight.


i also came to Italy.

Rome is kind of awesome.

apparently, i look Italian. like, A LOT. at dinner, our waitress spoke to everyone else in short English phrases, but when she came up to me, she rattled off a long soliloquy of Italian words. i looked at her and smiled, which must have encouraged her, because she continued. by this point, my dinner-mates were giggling, because i didn’t know what to do. she seemed very surprised when i spoke English to her.

this trend has continued. an older gentlemen with a large beard approached me as i was leaving the restaurant and smiled at me. i smiled back, and he began speaking in Italian. when i shrugged and said, “i’m sorry,” to indicate that i didn’t understand, he looked at me in shock. “American!” he shouted. and then he hugged me and kissed my face.

i was quite embarrassed, but charmed.

Rome is a fascinating city.


they have gelato.


oh, and impressive historical sights.



tomorrow: lots and lots of churches.


love you all! xo

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