i went to Nashville.


almost a year ago, my friend Lindsy told me that she and her husband and their little son were moving to Nashville. i was suitably bummed, of course. . . but, like every cloud, there was a silver lining.

see, Lindsy is my friend and she is awesome for many reasons.

one of those reasons: she is equally as obsessed with music as i am, which is very fun and makes for good times.


[with the little guy at the Opry]


[this is myself and Lindsy, right before i tried bourbon for the first time]

Anberin is my favorite band.

when i like something, i really REALLY like it. it’s not exaggerating to say that the most meaningful song lyrics of my life have come from Anberlin songs, whether about heartbreak, justice, or self-discovery.

i first started listening to them in 2004, i was 18 and a catchy song came on that instantly made my ears perk up.

“who is this?” i asked the guy sitting next to me in the dorm building lobby.

“i dunno,” he answered. “my roommate likes them.”

“well,” i pressed, exasperated. “what’s their name?” he mumbled something incoherent and i ran upstairs to pound on his door, when his roommate reluctantly answered and told me the name of the band [and also that i was weird].

and that was that.


this year, they announced their final tour. always up for an adventure, i planned to attend a show out of town and my friend Lindsy was up for joining me. she lives in Nashville, a recent transplant. according to her, Nashville was a great city with much to offer and enough faint remnants of Tacoma to make me feel right at home.

i didn’t hesitate.

on Wednesday, i flew into Nashville by way of Chicago. that night, we attended Anberlin’s show at the Cannery Ballroom.

to say it was phenomenal would be an understatement. they played a 20 song set with classics going all the way back to their first album, Blueprints of the Black Market.

we wore wedge boots and stood far too close in a crowd of dancing people, and i was so happy.

honestly, i’ve never liked a band this much before and probably never will again. i’ve seen them a half a dozen times, and every time i am starstruck.






[true story: when Lindsy and i got inside the venue, we instantly spotted the merch table and wanted to buy a shirt. so, we gathered with the others and within moments, were holding our purchases happily. walking away, we realized that the line for buying merch was quite long, wrapping around the corner into the main part of the venue. we had unknowingly cut in line and likely made hundreds of fans quite angry. whoops. but at least i got my size]



if you’re not familiar with Anberlin, you should be, and i feel very sad for you.


for your convenience, i have attached a spotify playlist of my most favorite songs. they are in chronological order, of course:

part 1 [2003-2008]:

part 2 [2008-2014]:



additionally, this is a video that i took of their encore song, fin., which just might blow your mind.




i did other things in Nashville, as well. chronicled below:




[i drink a lot of coffee. this classy little cup was created by Eddie at Woodbine Coffee Co., a true artist who, after hearing that i don’t care for flavored coffee, created a lavender mocha that had me reconsidering that stance]

i also ate things that i have never eaten before:



[pictured above: catfish sandwich, collared greens, Frito pie. never heard of Frito pie? don’t fret, i hadn’t either]


[the famous Waffle House experience. they are everywhere, and they are delicious].


[Goo Goo cluster has a little store downtown. these lumpy morsels contain nougat, caramel, and peanuts, smothered in chocolate. i am holding this one because i found it, still wrapped, atop a pedestrian bridge. it was delicious]

i also enjoyed the many fine views that this city has to offer:




[the batman building]





[it says: Baptist Sunday School Board]





[on the slides]

needless to say, i was charmed. thank you Nashville, thank you Anberlin, thank you Lindsy and little man.

life is awesome!

so incredibly, ridiculously grateful to live it.



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