how to have an adventure in 36 hours or less.

I am turning 29 on Wednesday.

Which apparently makes me thirsty for adventure. That might explain why I texted my good friend a week ago and asked her if she wanted to explore British Columbia with me.

Because she and I have been friends for several years, this did not surprise her.


[This is me at the Chief overlook. To see how I got here, read on]

I love adventures.

Even quick ones. I left my house at 1pm on Saturday, spent the night in Vancouver enjoying the festival of lights, and then trekked up north on Sunday. Including this adventure and the 5 hour drive, I was in my driveway at home by 8pm on Sunday.

So, I am proof that you can have great experiences even when on a time-budget.

The Sea to Sky Gondola is located in Squamish, BC about an hour north of Vancouver. Constructed on May 16, 2014, the gondola goes from sea level to 6300 feet elevation in about 10 minutes. At the top, there’s hiking trails, a lodge with a restaurant and gift shop, awesome outlook spots, and a suspension bridge.


[this is from the base]


[the Howe Sound is the most amazing color of blue-green]





[my fellow adventurer]

This was my favorite part:


[After this picture was taken, I observed a man and his wife cross the bridge. The man was leading his wife by the hand, she had her other hand over her eyes and was crying. I felt very uncomfortable and smiled at him. He informed me that she was INSISTING to cross the bridge and that he was not leading her against her will. I felt a bit better, but not much]


It was amazing to be above the clouds. I have seen pictures of this place when it’s clear, and it’s phenomenally gorgeous. But i was kind of entranced by the mystical nature of the clouds, and it made the experience seem all the more surreal.

Once at the top, there were several kilometers of hiking trails.




We ended our adventure with poutine and mojitos at the lodge, reluctantly bidding farewell and heading back down to earth.




[It rained right when we got into the gondola to go down]

I love Canada and I would highly recommend a trip like this. To find out more about the Sea to Sky gondola, click here.

It is now Monday and I’m working hard, determined to live life to the fullest. This is true whether I’m at the top of a mountain or writing well-worded emails.

.: much love:.

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