I really, really love the outdoors.


[Furry Creek, British Columbia]

My good friend and co-worker surprised me with a Canadian adventure this past weekend. We went to Whistler and experienced the incredible Sasquatch zipline, which I do not have photos of because I couldn’t bring my camera on it. But if you’d like a visual, here’s some photos.

The Sasquatch zipline happens to be the longest available zip in North America, spanning a distance of 7,000 feet, or 2 kilometers (that’s 2.4 miles, for all my American friends). And you go really fast! It’s about 600 feet high at some places. My friend took a GoPro video, similar to this one.

It was epic! I absolutely recommend it.


[Whistler, BC]

I once saw an ad in which a Prius was parked atop a cliff, with a lovely view of a glacier lake and the moon and stars glowing above. The hatchback of the Prius was open, the backseats were folded down, and folks were happily sleeping under the stars in the back of the car.

As soon as I saw it, I said [out loud], “I want to do that.”

And I’m not crazy, although the gentleman at border patrol thought so. It’s actually a thing that some people do. Crunchy, hippie types, mostly. It helps with the affordability of the adventure, especially considering that the Prius averages 50-60 miles per gallon.

To read about another [tall] person who did this, click here.


[Squamish, BC]

Finding a place to camp just took a bit of searching, but eventually we stumbled across Stawamish Chief Provincial Park. Perched atop a hill, directly underneath a massive rock face, we found our people. The campground itself was full, but the parking lot was full of people just like us. Car sleepers, some in pop-up or refurbished vans. The friendly folks in knit beanies and Patagonia jackets were very welcoming.


[The view from our “campsite”]


[Set up and ready for the night]

For September, it was moderate weather, almost warm. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was comfortable in my 35 degree sleeping bag. My 5’11” self fit nicely in the car alongside my friend. It was close, but no more so than a 2 person tent. I liked that the hatchback was open, providing fresh air.

In the future, I MIGHT consider this option.



[Waking up with all of our new friends]



[So, I bought this thermos a few years ago. On Saturday morning, I made a pot of coffee and poured it into the thermos, adding a bit of cream. When I poured a bit into my cup on Sunday morning, it was still warm! I was very happy.]


[Our neighbors, who were from California, got up early to rock climb. I would definitely recommend this place. Amazing.]

On the way back to the city, we made an impromptu stop at Furry Creek, BC.



While exploring the beachfront, we were fortunate enough to see a woman sitting along the shore with oil paints. She introduced herself as Claudia, originally from Argentina but now living in Vancouver. She was waiting for her husband and sons to catch salmon, and generously engaged in conversation with us.


[Claudia and I]

On Claudia’s recommendation, we visited Lynn Canyon prior to heading home. It was LOVELY.



[My fellow zipliner/adventurer and i]

Don’t forget to be adventurous and try new things! I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend Canada. If you want to know why, check out this video.

Until next time, xo.

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