doing things that you don’t want to do.

being a grown-up is fascinating.

you discover all these personality traits about yourself that you didn’t realize you had. that is, if you’re paying attention long enough to notice.

i’ve been noticing a lot about myself lately. all of the charming, free-spirited tendencies of who i am have become replaced by deadlines, meetings, and strategy.

the rules of being an adult are simple: be responsible, be organized, and have clear expectations of yourself.

among about 500 others.

it’s very overwhelming! sometimes my daydream is to toss my cell phone in the closest body of water, kick off my shoes, and travel far away from all of my responsibilities.

the other day i had to renew the tabs on my car, go grocery shopping, wash my dishes, pay an overdue doctor bill, register for classes next quarter… and my head was spinning because i looked around and thought, “man, i don’t want to do any of this.”

and guess what? i did it.

all of it, even though i really didn’t want to do any of it.

surprisingly, it was very satisfying when it was all done. i remember sitting down after everything was accomplished and taking a deep breath.

i inhaled the truth: i am an adult.

my parents taught me to be independent, resourceful, and creative. now that i am putting these skills to practice on a daily basis, i have realized life is a journey.

more often than not, life is a combination.

right now, mine is 80% comprised of things i do not want to do.

however, i know this to be true: that the leftover 20%, made up of moments i truly cherish, with people i adore, are made that much more meaningful by comparison.

i’m very grateful that i was taught to be responsible.

as much as i may dislike it, doing things i don’t want to do builds my character and brings dimension to my life.

so, i guess i’ll keep doing them.

[not that i have much of a choice]

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