speak life.

words are so powerful.

the average woman uses 20,000 words in one day. when i read that number, i was dumbfounded. honestly, my first thought was to wonder how many of those words are actually necessary.

i’d always heard that prudent speech was a good idea. however, recently i have been made very aware of how great an impact words truly have.

as a social worker, i hear a lot of words.

many of them negative, derogatory, or just downright mean. the names that i have been called could fill a small, paperback book.

my choice of how to respond can make or break a situation.

words are powerful.

in the Bible (one of my favorite books), a few things are said about words.

in James 3:8, this statement is made: lots of animals, even big and scary ones, are being tamed and have been tamed by folks who know how. but there is nobody who can tame the tongue. it is relentless.

[i paraphrase]

in Proverbs 17:28, one of the wisest men who ever lived stated that even a foolish man can be considered smart if he chooses to keep his mouth shut. 

[again, paraphrase. exact wordage can be found inside the book]

sometimes, we intentionally say things that are hurtful or untrue. other times, we don’t realize how our words are perceived and the harm that is done. 

but the brilliance of words is this: they can go both directions.

yes, words can be harmful. but they can also be hopeful.

encouragement is one of the greatest gifts i receive. in the middle of a disheartening day, week, month, or year… the gracious words of someone who truly cares about me can bring hope.

speak life.

in an inspiring song by the great TobyMac, lyrics state that “with every syllable, hope can live or die.” 

what an immense honor and responsibility. kind words can be so uplifting. harsh words can be so damaging.

i am challenged to examine my words.

are they necessary?

are they truthful?

are they uplifting?

speak life.

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