this past wednesday, i had a very important meeting. 

my papa, who is my maternal grandfather, is 83 years old and one of my best friends. i’m not a big phone person, but i will call my papa and talk to him for an hour, without even realizing it. 

he is one of the kindest, and most generous people i have ever known.

for the past year, i’ve been contemplating buying a new car. it’s one of those purchases that a responsible person doesn’t make lightly, and i’ve been trying really hard to be responsible. my old car just wasn’t safe or reliable anymore.

i pulled into the parking lot of the credit union at 9am sharp, but of course he was already there. he had parked his van near the front entrance and was standing outside, looking for me. i put my arm through his and we walked in together.

taking a seat, i smiled as he opened an envelope, took out a check, and slid it across the counter. 

“this is to help her buy her new car. she really needs one.”

after everything was done, i expressed my gratitude to him as we walked outside into the sunlight. we hugged tightly, and he wished me a good day. i went off to work. 

yesterday i went to look around at which vehicle i wanted to buy. 

my mom said she would call ahead and ask someone to be ready for me. she also added, “before i called, i said a quick prayer. just so God would have all of this taken care of.”

i nodded my head, because i wanted that, too.

everything was seamless. from the salesperson who graciously helped us, to the vehicle that just happened to be waiting, to the financing agent who gave us incredible discounts.

when applying for financing, the documents ask about employer and occupation. my career is different than most, so it starts conversations. 

the woman who did my financing believes in God and said she had prayed that morning that He would give her the opportunity to bless someone that day. 

she blessed me a LOT.

i ended up with a car that i never would have dreamed of asking for, at a price that was just ridiculous, with a warranty that i didn’t deserve.

come to think of it, i didn’t deserve any of this.

i started to think about love. love often manifests itself through generosity. 

from my papa, from the woman at the financing office, from God.

it says in the Bible that if a parent knows how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will God graciously give to his kids. 

i feel spoiled.

it’s not that i deserve any of these things. i guess that is what makes it a gift: you don’t earn it, it’s given to you. 

my papa gave me a huge gift, and it led to a domino effect of all these amazing gifts… finishing with a shiny new car in my driveway. and i’m sitting here glancing out of window at it, stunned. 

it’s hard to process when you end up with an amazing gift. whenever someone gives you something that is so awesome and so much more than you deserve, the gratitude can be overpowering.

today, i’m grateful that God gives amazing gifts. not just in the form of generous grandfathers or new cars, but also less tangible gifts like forgiveness and peace. 

those are the gifts that i truly do not deserve.

but i’m spoiled. 

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