unexpectedly awesome.

it’s always the moments that you don’t expect to be awesome that linger in your mind long afterwards.

inevitably, we as humans have certain expectations. today is my 27th birthday, and a huge part of me expected it to be awesome.

and it was!

i am ridiculously blessed, and i will say it often.

but it’s the moments where you doubt, and then God shows up in a unique way… those are the moments that are unexpectedly awesome.

last week, i had a surprise.

not the super fun surprise, like when my friends at my internship surprised me with cupcakes and a mini chalkboard today at my desk.

but the kind of surprise that leaves you standing still, looking confused, mouth hanging open, blinking.

the kind of “oh, that’s a problem” surprise that you just kind of mumble your way through, until you can get alone and quietly freak out.

it was a surprise about my schedule for next quarter at school, and my internship… and then it left me wondering if the only way it could be solved was by me becoming suddenly able to be in two places at once.

it involved other people, other organizations, other schedules.

and it was completely out of my control.

i sat back in my chair last Thursday, and put my hands over my face. it was not awesome. i was legitimately discouraged and fearing the worst.

i met Jesus when i was 14 years old, which is, as of today, 13 years ago. you might think that in that period of time, i’ve learned to trust him.

and i think i do, but i just saw this conflict and did not see a solution.

He had a solution. and He used unlikely circumstances and surprising people to deliver it to me, in a way i could not ignore.

it was awesome. truly, unexpectedly, awesome.

on Saturday night, my sister and i went out to dinner with a bunch of friends. as i was sitting there eating and laughing with them, i felt a moment of incredible peace come over me.

in 7th grade, i was the new kid. painfully awkward, unable to fit in, without style or flair. i used to get bullied, a lot. and i remember thinking, “if only i had just a few friends who knew me and really got me.”

God answered that. He had a solution.

maybe it took a different form than i had expected, maybe it took a little longer than i had hoped… but i know for a fact that He heard me then.

and i pray for things all the time without seeing God’s solution.

this last week, i got to see him offer an unexpected solution to a real problem within a few short days.

but it took me years to recognize that He had long-ago answered the prayers of a lonely 12 year old girl.

it makes me wonder, how many other unexpectedly awesome solutions has He spun in motion, and i never even noticed? how many other behind the scenes pictures has He patchworked together, before i even had the presence of mind to realize i needed help?

and how many moments in my life now is God patiently waiting for me to surrender, to trust Him with.

i encourage you to take a moment and consider His blessings.

the solutions that He has set in place for you, often unexpected.

it’s truly awesome.



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